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Optispin's solution highlights your brand, attracts potential customers and helps you convert them into customers

Use Optispin to make sure you’re talking to the right people the right way
Turn possible customers into real sales, and hit your big sales goals
Use data and smart plans from Optispin to meet and beat your key goals
Make your brand stand out and connect with your audience by using Optispin
Tell people about your new offers at the perfect time and place with Optispin
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How does the Optispin Solution work for you?

1. Attracting Users
Optispin employs online advertising to attract potential customers. Through targeted advertising across various digital platforms, it invites users to visit the website This strategy is designed to spark interest by promising access to the best offers for internet and mobile services. Additionally, the website will prominently feature your logo and a banner highlighting the current offer. This approach ensures that your brand stands out, capturing the attention of visitors and driving engagement with your offerings.

2. Collecting Inquiries
Upon visiting the website, Optispin enables users to submit inquiries for the services they are looking for. Users enter their details and the specifications of the desired offer, which Optispin records. This step is crucial as it allows for the collection of detailed information about potential customers and their requirements.

3. Data Analysis
After collecting the data, Optispin employs advanced analytical techniques to process and analyze the gathered information. This includes evaluating the user's needs, preferences, and the potential match with operators' offers. The analysis of data creates a detailed profile of each user who has made an inquiry.

4. Accessing Data for Operators
This is the stage where you, as an operator, come into play. Optispin provides you with access to the collected and analyzed data about users in real-time. This means you have direct access to information about potential customers who have shown interest in your services. Utilizing this data, you can then tailor and personalize your offer for each user, thereby increasing the chances of successful conversion.

Optispin thus functions as a powerful platform that not only collects and analyzes data on potential customers but also allows you to create competitive and customized offers based on this data. This increases end-user satisfaction and improves your chances of acquiring new customers.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you generate potential customers?

Optispin attracts users through targeted online advertising on platforms like Google and Facebook, directly featuring your brand. Right from the start, we highlight your brand in our ads, making potential customers aware that they can expect quality offers from you. When a user clicks on one of these ads, they're taken to our website,, where they'll see your brand again. At this point, we also showcase a banner with your latest offer, increasing your brand’s visibility and encouraging conversions.

This method of double exposure - both in the ads and on the website - ensures that potential customers are familiar with your offer from the get-go. This means the leads we provide are highly qualified and already interested in your services. With this strategic approach, we not only gain users but also strengthen your brand's foundation and increase the chances of successful conversions.

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